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About OTAC  

Mission & Purpose

Old Town Alexandria Connections (OTAC) is a premiere business and networking resource for businesses providing services or products in the Alexandria region.  OTAC generates reliable, qualified leads and referrals among its Members for the purpose of increasing business opportunities and revenue, while providing an educational forum to increase business knowledge, in a collegial atmosphere.  Luncheon meetings are held at Belle Haven Country Club between 12:00 and 1:30 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

Membership Qualifications

Each Member is industry-exclusive, meaning that only one Member per industry type is admitted into OTAC, except under the conditions noted below under “Membership Continuation” and “Competitor Members.”  If current Members are not in good standing, their membership may be retained, but it is subject to competition by admitting another Member in the same industry into OTAC.  Alternatively, if a current Member gives its consent, a prospective Member in the same industry may be invited to join.

Membership Continuation

Qualifications for continuing membership are based on (1) maintaining maximum  Member attendance and optimal opportunities for referrals, (2) being current with dues, and (3) volunteering for certain responsibilities to support OTAC's mission.

Membership continuation is subject to a competitor in the same industry being  invited to join OTAC, if:

  • You, or your authorized company alternate, miss 3 consecutive meetings.
  • You, or your authorized company alternate, miss a total of 6 meetings in any calendar year

Membership may be discontinued if:

  • Membership dues is unpaid.

Competitor Members

If an OTAC candidate is interested in Membership and there is (are) an existing Member(s) in the same industry, the candidate can be invited to join ONLY IF the existing member(s) gives (give) his or her (their unanimous) consent.  Without that consent, membership cannot be extended.

Organizational Bylaws:

OTAC Bylaws

OTAC Membership Application

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